Sealforce Protection: WF Flat
Rock Feature, Abbotsford, BC
Sealforce Protection: Natural
Vertical Sandstone, West Vancouver, BC
Sealforce Protection: water/pollution/graffiti repellent
Vertical Brick, Delta, BC
Sealforce Protection: HD AntiGraffiti
Concrete, Fort Erie, Ontario
Sealforce protection: Natural
Vertical Concrete, West Vancouver, BC
Sealforce protection: HD AntiGraffiti
Vertical Brick, Montreal, Quebec
Sealforce Protection: HD Natural
Horizontal Concrete, West Vancouver, BC
Sealforce Protection: Natural
Vertical Stone/Concrete, West Vancouver, BC

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Your home is one of your most important investments and protecting the porous surfaces can save you time and money for years to come.
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We provide innovative cost saving solutions for the cleaning, protection & preservation of porous surfaces and structures of all sizes.
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Sustainable solutions to protect porous building materials from the damaging effects of water, stains and graffiti

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Sealforce worker sealing residential wall


Sealforce: Sustainable Surface Solutions

Sealforce is a preventative protection for any porous surface that could be damaged by water, stains or graffiti. Applying Sealforce will also keep the surface looking newer for a longer period of time, reducing your maintenance costs. Sealforce is ideal for driveways, walkways, pool decks, patios and any other similar surface you want to protect.

Until recently, architects, building envelope engineers and home owners have had limited solutions in protecting porous building surfaces such as masonry, natural stone or concrete. Moreover, sealers that have shown some level of performance, have either been damaging to health or the environment.

This void in the market place has now been filled by Sealforce, harnessing water based nano- technological sealers without the environmental compromise. Sealforce is in partnership with Guard Industrie, France who is the world leader in creating sustainable solutions for the protection of porous building materials.

Today, Sealforce is a leading the way in protection for surfaces such as masonry, pavers, concrete, natural stone, granite, marble, limestone, tile and any other building materials that are porous and subject to degradation from the natural elements or manmade elements (pollution, graffiti, stains etc.)

Sealforce’s application processes are designed to protect the porous surface while allowing the material to maintain its natural aesthetic.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Our clients are so happy with the Sealforce result

We have recommended Sealforce to all of our clients for the past several years. Paul's attention to detail and professionalism is why many of our clients are so happy with the Sealforce result!

Kurt Gillingham, Greater Vancouver Paving Stone Guys

Our pavers still look like new

Several years ago when we had our driveway, sidewalk and patio replaced with interlocking pavers, the installers suggested we seal the pavers and recommended Seal Force.

Paul explained the product options, lifespan and application. Living on the North Shore, we get more rain than average which can take a toll on the pavers. I have noticed other driveways in our area which have not been sealed are showing their age while ours still looks near new.

We are very happy with the work Seal Force has done for us and would definitely recommend his products and services.

Gary Baumgartner

Professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail

We have recommended Sealforce for many years now and will continue to do so in the future. Paul’s professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail when it comes to Sealant application is why we trust him with looking after our clients.

Jeremy Miller, Houston Landscapes , Principal

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