Sealforce was established in 2005 by its founder and CEO Paul Grosjean, specialized in importing sustainable nanotechnology from Europe for the protection and maintenance of all porous building materials.

Sealforce applies a large range of quality products suited for various porous materials such as concrete, brick, and wood and provides ideal solutions for many materials that are exposed to water penetration, staining and graffiti.

Sealforce is in partnership with Guard Industrie France who is the world leader in research and development of ecological chemistry which protects and preserves porous materials.  Guard Industrie  has access to the world’s leading chemists that specialize in concrete aesthetics in Toulouse, France, the scientific research capital of Europe.  These chemists apply their expertise to design products that break new ground in innovation, quality and environmental protection.

Sealforce has always been focused on providing quality material protection without the environmental compromise.

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