Why Seal?

The question is often asked by those purchasing new stone, “Is it necessary to seal it?” The answer to this question is unequivocally “YES!” Here are the main reasons:

  1. Your stone will retain it’s “as new look longer”
  2. It will be protected from stains (see below)
  3. It will be protected from the degradation caused by water
  4. It will be much easier to clean, limits moss & algae growth
  5. Overall it protects your investment

Sealed and unsealed imagesHere we see two examples of stains that are impossible to remove once they have penetrated into the surface. Drinks such as juices, wine, coffee will all stain stone unless it is protected. Below we have a second example of very common stains. Oil and grease from cars or barbeques often cause unwanted stains on the surface of unprotected stone.

How Does It Work?

Sealforce sealing protection diagramSealforce offers Hydrophobic and Lypophobic protection which means that it offers water and oil repellency. At a molecular level, the sealer bonds itself to the surface, lowers the surface energy, thereby preventing the penetration of water and staining liquids.


Our pavers still look like new

Several years ago when we had our driveway, sidewalk and patio replaced with interlocking pavers, the installers suggested we seal the pavers and recommended Seal Force.

Paul explained the product options, lifespan and application. Living on the North Shore, we get more rain than average which can take a toll on the pavers. I have noticed other driveways in our area which have not been sealed are showing their age while ours still looks near new.

We are very happy with the work Seal Force has done for us and would definitely recommend his products and services.

Gary Baumgartner