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As a homeowner you know your home is one of your most important investments and protecting the porous exterior/interior surfaces is wise decision that can save you time and money for years to come.

Horizontal Stone Protection

home owner driveway

Sealforce Protection: WF Semi Gloss
Horizontal Pavers, West Vancouver, BC

Vertical Stone Protection

Sealforce Protection: Natural
Vertical Stone, High Point, Langley, BC

Why Seal?

Sealforce provides protection for pavers, concrete, marble, granite, limestone, cultured stone or any other porous surface that is susceptible to the damaging effects of water, stains and graffiti.  Protecting horizontal surfaces like driveways, walkways, pool decks and patios will prevent stains and keep the surface looking newer longer and at the same time easier to maintain.

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See below the different finishes Sealforce offers:

Natural Look "Invisible Finish"

Natural Look “Invisible Finish”

Color Enhancer "Flat Finish"

Color Enhancer “Flat Finish”

Color Enhancer “Semi Gloss Finish”

Color Enhancer “Semi Gloss Finish”

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